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  • TriTechTactical TPG-ARGL915

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    AR Pistol Grip can accommodate compact, full size and extended Glock magazine in 9mm. Magazine Not Included

    Attention AR-15 Owners!

    Introducing the first ever pistol grip capable of accommodating an extra Glock magazine in a wide variety of pistol cartridges including sub-compact, compact and full size 9mm cartridges. With the ever-increasing popularity of AR-15’s chambered in pistol calibers, the TPG-ARGL910 and TPG-ARGL915 will ensure military, police, civilian shooters, hunters and self-defenders never find themselves without an extra magazine! This pioneering, easy-to-install grip of high quality polymer provides an extra fully-loaded magazine without compromising room or space.

    Designed to demanding military specifications, this adaptation to the standard grip will be a crucial combat tool for Special Ops, Seals, Delta Force, Law Enforcement, SWAT, Homeland Security and Special Operators World-Wide. Currently configured for Glock magazines, our designers are formulating designs to accept magazines of most major pistol manufacturers.

    Everyone recognizes that one extra round could be the difference between life and death. In todays chaotic world, being ready means preparing your AR-15 and your sidearm for any eventuality.

    The TPG-ARGL910 and TPG-ARGL915 are MADE IN THE USA.